Day 1: 3 Day Juice Cleanse

This is all the produce for my fast! (except the celery I forgot it for the pic) It will all be consumed in 3 Days, which is only possible due to it being Juiced, otherwise the fiber overload would kill the digestive track.

Here is our Juice menu and Schedule, we are following it loosely, If I get bored with the combinations I may shift things around.


3 day Juicing Cleanse

*Drink glass of water when you wake up.

1. Breakfast- Carrot Apple Ginger Juice- 3 Carrots,
2 Apples, 1 Orange
1” Ginger

2. Mid Morning- Mean Green Juice- 1 Cucumber,
4 Celery stalks,
1 Apple,
6-8 leaves Kale,
1/2 Lemon,
1” Ginger

3. Lunch- Pink Juice- 1/2 of a Beet, 1 Apples, ½ cup Cranberries, 1 Orange, 2 Carrots, 1” Ginger

4. Mid Day- Green Cran Juice– 1 Cucumber, 4 Celery stalk, 1 Green Apple, 1 lemon, 4 leaves of Kale, a handful of Cranberries.

5. Dinner- Veggie Juice– 4 Carrots, 2 Celery stalks, ½ Cucumber, ½ Beet, 4 stalks Kale, ½ Grapefruit, ½ Lemon

*Drink 8, 8 oz glasses of water each day.

*Drink 2-3 cups of hot Green Tea with Lemon throughout the day.

Entry 1:

I must admit that I stayed in bed this morning longer than I planned.  The daunting journey I was about to embark on felt a bit overwhelming while still under the warm covers.  However I got my butt out of bed and drank a big glass of water and began to make some Ginger Green Tea and prepare my produce for my first juice.  I’m a lover of all fruit and vegetable juices so drinking all of these combinations is not the challenging part.  This part can be difficult for those not use to juicing, I usually have one veggie/fruit juice everyday, but I also get to eat whole foods too.  I really like to eat.  I workout rigorously so eating often is big part of that, Food = Fuel.  Its only 2:30 pm now and I’m pretty out of it, feel tired, a bit dizzy and pretty hungry.  Im taking it pretty easy though, we just went and bought our Christmas Tree and a beautiful handmade Wreath at a local produce market so that’s bring me joy and distraction.  im currently enjoying my 3rd Juice of the day, Green Cran Juice, here’s the ingredients:

Here’s the Final product, its pretty delicious.

Entry 2:

Its 5pm, I just checked in with my Client Regina who is also doing the Fast and she said she feels great and isn’t hungry at all!  She is inspiring me to stay positive.  Regina has been my client for almost a year and has had great success with adding healthy eating and working out to her life.  She ran her first 5k this year and has lost body fat and gained muscle and is in the best shape of her life, she also turned 50 this year!  I love her, she is an amazing client and friend.

Entry 3:

Its 7pm, Im really having a hard time.  I think my sodium levels are low so I’ve had a cup of veggie broth and its really helping, its something I read that some people have to do if their sodium levels get low.  Im going to have my last juice soon and then lay down and watch a movie.  Wish me luck, I need it!


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