Day 3: 3 Day Juice Fast

Entry 1:


So it’s the last official day of the Fast.  I’m very much ready to eat solid food.  I had a rough night last night… I went to bed at my normal time of 9:30-10pm and could not fall asleep for hours, tossing, turning and dreaming of sweet potatoes and avocados, yes that’s right I’m not craving anything bad I just want pure whole foods, I miss nuts and avocados like you wouldn’t believe!  So at 1am I went in the kitchen ravenous as a bear coming out of hibernation and gulped a glass of almond milk and ate handful of almonds. I know, I know, it’s not part of the plan but I was absolutely miserable and needed to get sleep so I could be awake and ready train clients at 6am.  I’ve had 2 juices today and I’m about to have my third before heading back to work for my evening clients.  I’m going to break the fast tonight around 8pm with a large raw salad, I’m so freaking excited! Went to the market and got tons of fresh produce, my mouth is literally watering thinking about it.

Entry 2:


Just got home from work and I’ve prepared my salad!  Check out this beauty, mixed baby kale, tomatoes, cucumber, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and baby bella mushrooms.   I also chopped up the remainder of the fresh cranberries added some fresh orange juice and a few walnut pieces for a little side dish.

So what have I learned from this fast??  First of all not eating solid food is hard!  Not for everyone but for myself it was very difficult.  One of the reasons was the menu I created had too much fruit for my palette and body.  The next fast I do I will do will be mostly veggies.  I’m pretty sensitive to sugar, my body doesn’t really like a lot of it, even though its fruit sugar it still raises my blood and then drops it quickly, which I’m not use to feeling.  I DO eat a lot of fruit but juicing lacks the fiber to keep me full longer. It’s pretty typical for me to eat 2 bananas, 1 cup blueberries, 3 kiwis, 2 apples, and maybe some dried fruit in one day.  Although I was hungry during my fast which was distracting, I also felt very good, light, not bogged down or tired from digestion which felt great.  My goal now is maintain more juicing as part of my healthy eating plan, especially juicing greens, and to eat most of my produce raw.  Eating fruit raw is easy but vegetable can be a little harder, there is more preparation involved.  I’m going to be learning and trying out more raw veggie recipes, so if you have any good ones send them my way!

My results: well I don’t have any drastic results.  The scale says I lost 2 pounds, but I wasn’t doing this for weight loss, I’m at a healthy weight. My body fat did however drop 1%!  That’s always good.  My abs are more defined, so some belly fat has been subsided and as I stated before my skin looks better, better clarity and color.

My client Regina has lost 7 pounds!  She had a great experience, she experienced no hunger or any side effects, she’s pretty amazing!  She’s already talking about our next fast..  I’m not ready to talk about that yet, I wanna talk about eating more salads!

Thanks for reading my Juicing Fast experience!  Please message me with any questions or suggestions if your thinking of doing one.

xoxo, Alison


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